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14kt-Atwood Layette

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Delicate chain necklace, double pendant, long freshwater pearl with moonstone & blue chalcedony, gold square with chalcedony cabochon
Delicate chain necklace, double pendant, labradorite with faceted sky blue topaz teardrop, gold square charm with labradorite cabochon
14kt-Atwood Layette
14kt-Atwood Layette
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The Atwood Layette Necklace is one of my favorite new additions!  I designed it to be versatile, tactile, and sexy.  It can be worn 3 different ways: clustered, asymmetrical, or with a drop in the back to add glamor with an updo.  Slips easily over the head... so no pesky clasps!  Looks amazing paired with my gold Hollow Bead necklace.

14k gold - 24" chain

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